Saturday, July 8, 2017

Mill Creek Pub (Battle Ground, Washington)

After a short hike in the woods near La Center, Washington, my wife and I stumbled upon a local bar and grill in nearby Battle Ground: The Mill Creek Pub. It had been a few months since I enjoyed a reuben sandwich, I decided to give the pub's version a try. The sandwich came on artisan rye slices that were slightly on the thin side. The interior of the sandwich was pretty standard, a good portion of meat, kraut, cheese, and dressing. Overall, the sandwich was a little above average. My one complaint is that one of the slices on one of the sandwich halves had a pretty big hole in it, which made for some messy eating. I wound up taking the other half home (my airbnb home) and ate it cold the next day for breakfast (a terrific breakfast). If I were to return to Mill Creek Pub, I'd likely order the Reuben again.

Other things about the Mill Creek Pub: The place is a pretty typical bar and grill with some TVs by the bar for sports watching. The establishment is located in a strip mall..... so yeah. Most of the customers were groups of families, so it's kind of a family restaurant. The service we received was very good, no complaints. And the music being played was solid, cranking some classic rock.

Overall I'd give this reuben experience 7 slices of rye (out of 10).